Welcome to FastLoaders

Welcome to the page for FastLoaders: amazing C64/Amiga remix group from Bergen, Norway, featuring the talented Jarle H. Olsen, Bjarte K. Helland and Kjetil Nossum, with Tore Christer Storlid joining in on the bass at live events.

Check out their Facebook page to follow their activities, their Twitter account or their Ninja Musicology website.


Latest - Amiga Rocks - another successful Kickstarter

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FastLoaders Live

The FastLoaders are tight and enthusiastic live performers.

 You can download audio or video from their 2018 concert in Bergen by clicking here, or enjoy the YouTube version below.

Other other big concert was "The Underworld" in Camden where they played the most "The Last Ninja®" tunes that have ever been played in one place.

Blu-Ray and Live Concert Double CD available.

The material was taken from "Ninja Musicology": the triple CD of remixes of the entire soundtracks from "The Last Ninja®", "Last Ninja 2™" and "Last Ninja 3™".


They have done three albums so far, all of which should be in your collection. 


Ninja Musicology (2016)

A 3-disk tribute album containing all of the C64 tracks on The Last Ninja®, Last Ninja 2™, Last Ninja 3™ and Ninja Remix™.

There is also a Blu-Ray and a Live CD set.


Progressive 64 (2017)

An album that really explores Commodore 64 music as progressive metal, to brilliant effect. Some of these renditions have to be close to definitive: Ben Daglish thought so for Future Knight!

This album was produced as part of the Back in Time Symphonic Kickstarter/Symphony 64/8-Bit Symphony Kickstarter so if you backed that, you already have access to the digital album.


Rock Hubbard (2018)

To follow Progressive 64, FastLoaders turned to the work of Rob Hubbard, in conjunction with the Project Hubbard Kickstarter that brought Rob back to writing SIDs.

 What's their next album? Might be Amiga-related? We'll see!