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We've worked with Rob over the years on a great many projects.

We brought him back to SID composing and programming

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He did a (p)remix album for us with Marcel Donné.

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He gave us archive files from his historical collection of studio  and MIDI recordings: both pre- and post-SID.

Recordings done by Rob outside of SID in the 1980s

And he allowed us to produce an amazing 9-disc box-set with those albums above and more.

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He even appears on a rare game cartridge as a playable character!

He worked with a Hollywood-quality orchestra on his pieces:

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He even allowed himself to be Borgified for "Project Sidologie"

A luxurious 8-disc box-set/vinyl/download with his work all over it (including one whole album called "Robdez-Vous").

Oh, and mugs.