The Rob Hubbard Archive (Double Digital Album)

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The Rob Hubbard Archive

(Digital double album, MP3/FLAC)

A unique and exclusive look into Rob's music pre- and post-SID.

These are is also available on CD and in digital form as part of the Project Hubbard box-set.

Album 1: Pre-SID

Rob's composing career extends back into the 1970s. In the late '70s/early '80s Rob acquired a reel-to-reel tape recorder and bought classic synths. What you get on this album is the audio recovered from those reel-to-reel tapes, giving an amazing insight into the musical Rob before he discovered the C64.

  1. Casio ('82)
  2. Don't Step On My Wire ('83)
  3. Old Demo with Piano Chords and Moog (early '80s)
  4. Sun Never Shines ('82)
  5. French Dream (late '70s)
  6. Mr Meaner (late '70s)
  7. Task Force ('82)
  8. Little Dripper (late '70s)
  9. One Man and his Droid ('83)
  10. Early Demo Tune ('82)
  11. The Lionheart (late '70s)
  12. Chimera ('82)
  13. Formula One Simulator ('83)
  14. Phantoms of the Asteroid ('82)
  15. After 8 (late '70s)
  16. Old Synth Suite - The Curse Part 1 (late '70s)
  17. Old Synth Suite - The Curse Part 2 (late '70s)
  18. Old Synth Suite - The Curse Part 3 (late '70s)


Album 2: Post-SID

Rob's career was a lot more varied than SID fans might realise. This album mostly covers Rob's time at EA with some re-engineerings/re-orchestrations of classic and lost EA tracks mostly using Rob's original programming. Two Megadrive tracks are presented with unique post-production to sound glorious.

  1. Final Synth Sample
  2. Knight Tyme (Czech Studio Orchestra)
  3. Saboteur 2
  4. Populous
  5. Pygmies Revenge
  6. Paint 3 Award Theme
  7. Radio Ace
  8. Sega Disco
  9. Lakers vs Celtics Title
  10. Lakers vs Celtics Unused
  11. Lakers vs Celtics Half-time
  12. Lakers vs Celtics End
  13. Centurion: Defender of Rome
  14. Indy 500 - Braking Hard
  15. Ski or Die
  16. John Madden Football High Score (Remastered Megadrive OST)
  17. Low Blow
  18. Road Rash: Pacific Coast (Remastered Megadrive OST)
  19. Holmes - Anna P2
  20. Holmes - Equestrian
  21. Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate 3DO Intro
  22. Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate 3DO Credits
  23. Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate 3DO Endgame
  24. John Madden Football 3DO Half-Time
  25. John Madden Football 3DO End Game Part 1
  26. John Madden Football 3DO End Game Part 2
  27. John Madden Football 3DO Credits
  28. PGA Tour Golf 96 Piano Theme
  29. PGA Tour Golf 96 Main Theme
  30. PGA Tour Golf 96 Menu
  31. Era of Eidolon
  32. Era of Eidolon Village Theme
  33. Romance Theme
  34. Rikky

Project Hubbard logo by Steve Green. Artwork on Post-SID by Toni Galvez.