Master of Magic - The Official Rob Hubbard Softography (PDF/Hardback + Media Gallery)

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Master of Magic (PDF/Hardback Pre-order/Signed Hardback Pre-order)

Official Rob Hubbard illustrated coffee-table softography ~350 pages, full colour, exhaustively researched. PLUS 120Gb online media gallery!

This page is to order the PDF or pre-order the hardback, both of which give access to a huge (120 Gigabyte), comprehensive media gallery of chip recordings (every platform, every game), video, remixes, source code and disassemblies, sheet music, live performances and much more.

"Wow - what can I say, but I'm very humbled by all the work everyone has put into this - more than I deserve I reckon." - Rob Hubbard

Rob Hubbard changed videogame history forever. He was the Western master of game soundtracks, inspiring the industry and fans alike.

Now Chris Abbott of brings you the definitive, official, and authorised full-colour illustrated softography that tells his amazing story from 8-bit to 16-bit and beyond.

It's a book that took six years to research and create! Entertaining and accessible yet exhaustively researched this book features all of Rob’s games in order. Dip in to your favourite game or read it back-to-back and experience Rob's incredible musical and technical journey for yourself

Rob himself contributed generously to this book to do history justice! Find out how his driver started, how Weetabix’s legal department change his life, what date he wrote Commando, which game had the craziest SFX, how Rob narrowly missed being a pop star and more.

It’s like you’re looking over Rob’s shoulder as he struggles with early rejection, creates masterpieces such as “Thing on a Spring”, “Monty on the Run” and “Sanxion”, struggles with burnout with “Star Paws” and jets off to a life in the sun with Electronic Arts.

Designed to feel like a classic video game magazine, “Master of Magic” is a feast for the eyes, and gives access to a 120Gb media gallery of videos, recordings, source code, orchestrations and more! Rob’s cupboard is packed with hidden gems!

Each game is covered in depth and chronologically. Each section has info and trivia (often exclusive and from Rob himself), a look at reviews and ports, and accessible technical information so you can follow his driver development. There's even a holy grail technical deep dive at the end of the book!

It’s not just Rob’s story. It’s a compelling and historically important look behind the scenes of ‘80s and ’90s Western gaming.

In-depth review from Mamemeister

Some people have said stuff!

"What a fantastic treasure trove!" - Shahid Ahmad (Chimera)

"A cracking good read!" - Alan "Mamemeister" Stewart

"It looks really colourful and well put together!" - Simon Nicol (Crazy Comets)

"Nice... looks like a big and well researched project!" - Chris Huelsbeck

Presentation: 97% - Beautiful and consistent layout, very easy to read and navigate with just the right amount of tape cover art and screen shots to complement the text.

Readability: 98% - The perfect balance of musical information, technical detail, background information, context, reviews. The tone is also spot on, and this is the most difficult part. I love the sense of humour running throughout, which is subtle and never feels forced. The different terms each game has for 'Created' and 'Released' are a stroke of genius.

Overall: 97% - A superhuman achievement that far exceeds my expectations." - A very thorough Kickstarter backer

"The book is a masterpiece, a huge work, hat off!!!" - Marco Zonta, another Kickstarter backer

"It's nice that someone is taking chiptune seriously but I prefer to listen to Tim Follin" - Rob Manuel,