Big Band Bacon by Uncle and the Bacon (Digital MP3/FLAC)

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Uncle and the Bacon (formerly Rune-Bertils) is a legend of C64 remixing, specialising in big-band remixes that make you dance. Or at least, think about dancing.

Here he produced a wonderful album for the Back in Time Symphonic Collection Kickstarter.

Click on One Man and his Droid for a sample, but also check out his YouTube channel.

  1. The Wastelands (From "The Last Ninja"™) - Ben Daglish
  2. Warhawk - Rob Hubbard/John Keating
  3. Bubble Bobble - Tadashi Kimijima
  4. Druid 2 - Enlightenment - David Hanlon
  5. Rambo Loader - Martin Galway
  6. One Man and his Droid - Rob Hubbard
  7. Baby of Can Guru - Chris Huelsbeck
  8. Comic Bakery - Martin Galway
  9. Love Theme (from "Defender of the Crown") - Jim Cuomo
  10. Yie-Ar Kung Fu (subs 18-17-12) - Miki Higashino