C64 Rocks by FastLoaders

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C64 Rocks is a triple-album of 55 C64 remixes,

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What is C64 Rocks?

55 tracks over 3 discs of amazing Commodore 64 rock, including Rambo...

I don't really need to go on about it. Here's the track listing of disc 1.

Disc 1

01. Ocean Loader 2 (Martin Galway)
02. Mission A.D. (Fred Gray)
03. Druid II: Enlightenment (David M. Hanlon)
04. Ark Pandora (Ben Daglish)
05. Platoon (Jonathan Dunn)
06. Supremacy (Jeroen Tel)
07. R-Type - Loader (Chris Huelsbeck)
08. Bruce Lee (John A. Fitzpatrick)
09. Black Lamp (Tim Follin)
10. Rambo (Martin Galway)
11. Ghouls 'N' Ghosts - Level 4 (Tim Follin)
12. Bombo (Ben Daglish)
13. Agent X II (Tim Follin)
14. Deliverance: Stormlord 2 (Matt Gray)
15. RoboCop 3 (Jeroen Tel)
16. Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Ben Daglish & Rob Hubbard)
17. Pendragon's Legacy (Dave Thomas)
18. Storm Warrior Suite (Mark Cooksey)

Disc 2

01. Green Beret - Loader (Martin Galway)
02. Green Beret (Martin Galway)
03. Cybernoid II (Jeroen Tel)
04. Shadowfire (Fred Gray)
05. Katakis (Chris Huelsbeck)
06. Barbarian (Richard Joseph)
07. Nemesis The Warlock (Rob Hubbard)
08. Inside Outing (Wally Beben)
09. Savage (Jeroen Tel)
10. Batman the Movie (Matthew Cannon)
11. Ghosts 'N' Goblins (Mark Cooksey)
12. Target Renegade (Gari Biasillo)
13. Bionic Commando (Tim Follin/Harumi Fujita)
14. Monty On The Run - Highscore (Rob Hubbard)
15. Scumball (Tim Follin)
16. Rambo III (Jonathan Dunn)
17. Sanxion (Rob Hubbard)
18. Future Knight (Ben Daglish)
19. Firelord (Ben Daglish)

Disc 3

01. X-Out - Intro (Chris Huelsbeck)
02. Space Harrier (Hiroshi Kawaguchi)
03. Way Of The Exploding Fist (Neil Brennan)
04. Fist II - The Legend Continues (Neil Brennan)
05. Ocean Loader 3 (Peter Clarke)
06. Gauntlet III (Tim & Geoff Follin)
07. Hysteria (Fred Gray)
08. To Be On Top (Chris Huelsbeck)
09. Armalyte (Martin Walker)
10. Myth (Jeroen Tel)
11. Wizball (Martin Galway)
12. Commando (Rob Hubbard & Tamayo Kawamoto)
13. Fairlight Of Wizardry (Graham Jarvis & Bob Hartshorne (Clever Music))
14. Turbo Out Run (Jeroen Tel)
15. Firefly (Fred Gray)
16. Monty On The Run (Rob Hubbard)
17. The Great Giana Sisters (Chris Huelsbeck)
18. Forbidden Forest and Beyond (Paul Norman)

FastLoaders are:
Jarle H. Olsen (All guitars, bass, keyboards and synth programming)
Bjarte K. Helland (Drums and percussion)
Kjetil Nossum (Additional keyboards and flute)


All tracks re-arranged, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jarle H. Olsen
Bård S. Larsen (Mandolin)
Artwork: Sandra GA
Production support: Chris Abbott

Special thanks to our customised rock pledgers:
Antti Räsänen, Eetu Ojanen, Thomas Finnerup, Justin Day and Russell F. Howard

Jarle uses Jackson guitars, Mezzabarba amplification and Dimarzio pickups exclusively.

Bjarte uses Mapex drums and Vic Firth drumsticks exclusively.