The amazing C64/Amiga tribute band from Bergen, Norway whose ideal is to provide stunning rock remakes of computer game music! 
Jarle H. Olsen - Guitars / Kjetil Nossum - Keyboards / Bjarte K. Helland - Drums / and Tore Christer Storlid joining in on bass at live events.

Follow their official Facebook page to get news and recent activities as well as their Twitter account or Ninja Musicology website.





2016 Ninja Musicology
2016 Ninja Musicology - Live From The Dungeons 2CD
2017 Progressive 64
2018 Rock Hubbard
2020 Amiga Rocks
2023 C64 Rocks



2016 Ninja Musicology - Live From The Dungeons Blu-Ray
2018 Live at Back in Time
2019 Last Ninja II LIVE!
2019 FastLoaders & Rob Hubbard LIVE!

Score Books

2016 Ninja Musicology - The Ancient Scrolls




FastLoaders LIVE!

 Live with Ben Daglish 2016

 Live with Rob Hubbard 2019

 Live at Back in Time 2018