The Little Book of Sound Chips, Volume 4: 1992-2004 (PDF/ePub)

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The golden age of arcades and consoles. Hundreds of games, hundreds of hours of listening and viewing!

Over 320 pages of easy-to-read, full-colour PDF which is 80% interactive gallery and 20% fascinating in-depth sound chip info.

It's packed with fun facts and beautiful screenshots from games east and west, all linked to YouTube through QR codes and hyperlinks. Relive your best memories, and discover the treasures you missed!

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The stars of this volume are undoubtedly the Generation 5 and 6 consoles: Panasonic's 3DO, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, Nintendo N64 and GameCube, Microsoft Xbox OG and Sony's all-conquering PS1 and PS2.

The arcade games are no slouches though, with fighting and shooting games reaching amazing levels of quality, including the golden age of the arcades while Capcom and Midway duked it out for sonic supremacy.

Volume 4 - 1992 - 1991

  • (1992) Namco C352 (Arcade)
  • (1993) Motorola SC414201 (Atari Jerry) (Jaguar)
  • (1993) Sega 315-5641 PCM/NEC μPD7756 (Sega Pico)
  • (1993) SETA ST-0016/0026/0032 (Arcade)
  • (1993) Panasonic FZ-1 (Clio) (3DO)
  • (1993) DL-1425 - CAPCOM-Q1 (QSound) (Arcade)
  • (1993) Midway DCS (ADSP-2105) (Arcade)
  • (1993) Yamaha YMF271-F (OPX) (Arcade)
  • (1994) Sony CXD2938Q (PlayStation SPU) (Arcade, PlayStation 1)
  • (1994) Yamaha YMF292-F (SCSP) (Saturn)
  • (1994) Yamaha YMZ280B (Arcade)
  • (1994) Yamaha YMF278B (OPL4) (Arcade, a bit of MSX)
  • (1994) L7A1045 L6028 DSP-A (Arcade)
  • (1994) Gaelco CG-1V/GAE1 (Arcade)
  • (1995) AdMOS QDSP QS1000 (Arcade)
  • (1995) Konami K054539/K058141 (Arcade)
  • (1995) Nintendo Virtual Sound Unit (VSU-VUE) (Virtual Boy)
  • (1995) Samsung KS0164 (Arcade)
  • (1996) Zoom ZSG-2 (Arcade)
  • (1996) SGI Reality Signal Processor (RSP) (Arcade, Nintendo 64)
  • (1996) ICS2115 WaveFront Synthesizer (Arcade)
  • (1998) NEC T6W28 (Neo Geo Pocket Series)
  • (1998) Yamaha AICA Super Intelligent Sound Processor (Arcade, Dreamcast)
  • (1999) OKI MSM9810 ADPCM Coin-op (Arcade)
  • (2000) PlayStation SPU2 (PlayStation 2)
  • (2001) Nintendo Flipper (GameCube)
  • (2001) NVIDIA MCPX (Xbox OG)
  • (2004) Yamaha YMZ770C (AMMS-A) (Arcade)


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Written by Chris Abbott and Andrew Laggan.

Front Cover by Toni Galvez.
Layout and Design by Ian Flory.

See PDF for team credits! 


Also available for your ears, an arcade remix experience in DRM-free 24-bit FLAC...