The Little Book of Sound Chips, Volume 3: 1987-1991 (PDF/ePub)

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Amazing chips you can see and hear! Hundreds of ultimate memories to pick up any time.

Over 320 pages of easy-to-read, full-colour PDF which is 80% interactive gallery and 20% fascinating in-depth sound chip info.

It's packed with fun facts and beautiful screenshots from games east and west, all linked to YouTube through QR codes and hyperlinks. Relive your best memories, and discover the treasures you missed!

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The stars of this volume are the consoles: the Sega Mega Drive, and the SNES, as well as supporting roles from the Neo Geo and the Game Boy, but let's not forget the two ages of polyphonic PC gaming: OPL2 (AdLib) and OPL3 (Sound Blaster). Also, we look at where MSX went next, Apple Mac and Archimedes gaming, the fondly-remembered failure that was the Sam Coupé, the FM Towns, and more.

As usual, there's a ton of amazing arcade memories such as Sega's MultiPCM, and a some amazing hybrid FM chips from Yamaha that piled samples, FM and chip sounds into the same silicon. You need to listen to some of the soundtracks produced like that.

Volume 3 - 1987 - 1991

  • (1987) Yamaha YM3812 (OPL2) (AdLib & Arcade)
  • (1987) NEC µPD7759 (Arcade)
  • (1987) OKI MSM6295 (Arcade)
  • (1987) Namco C140/C219 (Arcade)
  • (1987) Yamaha YM2413 (OPLL) (Arcade/MSX Music/Sega Master System JP)
  • (1987) Acorn VIDC (Archimedes)
  • (1987) Yamaha YM2608 (OPNA) (Arcade, NEC PC'88/98)
  • (1987) Yamaha YM2610 (OPNB) (Neo Geo, Taito Model Z)
  • (1987) Apple ASC/EASC (Apple Macs)
  • (1988) Hudson Soft HuC6230 (“Sound Box”) (Arcade, PC Engine)
  • (1988) Yamaha YM2612 (OPN2) (Mega Drive, FM Towns, Arcade)
  • (1988) Ricoh RF5C68 (Arcade, FM Towns, MegaCD)
  • (1988) Philips SAA1099 (Sam Coupé, Creative Music System)
  • (1988) Konami K007232 (Arcade)
  • (1988) Seta X1-010 (Arcade)
  • (1989) Atari Mikey (custom 65C02) (Lynx)
  • (1989) Sharp LR35902218 (Game Boy/GBC/GBA)
  • (1989) Atari C300588-001 (GST Shifter) (Atari STE)
  • (1990) Sony SPC700 (SNES)
  • (1990) Ensoniq ES5505 (OTIS) (Arcade)
  • (1990) Konami K053260 KDSC (Arcade)
  • (1991) OKI MSM6376 ADPCM (Arcade)
  • (1991) Irem GA20 (Arcade)
  • (1991) Yamaha YMW258-F (GEW8)/Sega 315-5560 (MultiPCM) (Arcade)
  • (1991) BSMT2000 (Brian Schmidt’s Mouse Trap) (Arcade/Pinball)
  • (1991) Yamaha YMF262 (OPL3) (Sound Blaster 16)


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