Arcade Classics Vol. 1 Digital Album

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Digital album, HQ FLAC/MP3

Chris Abbott returns to synth remixing with a collection of YM2151 coin-op soundchip classics, lovingly remixed with painstaking accuracy and a stack of analog.

Why buy from here rather than on YouTube or Spotify? Well, 24-bit FLAC, really, an extra Last Wave mix! And because one purchase from here is worth about a squillion streams to the remixer.

  1. Magical Sound Shower (from "Out Run")
  2. After Burner (from "After Burner")
  3. Battle Field (From "Space Harrier")
  4. Passing Breeze (From "Out Run")
  5. Hang On (From "Hang On")
  6. Splash Wave (From "Splash Wave")
  7. Side Street (From "Power Drift")
  8. Main Theme (From "Space Harrier")
  9. Final Take Off (From "After Burner")
  10. Last Wave (From "Out Run")
  11. Last Wave Tweaked (From "Out Run")

All tracks performed and arranged by Chris Abbott
Music Copyright Sega®/Wave Master
Composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Arranged by Hiroshi Kawaguchi
CD cover by Toni Galvez