Back in Time 5: Escape from SIDs Castle (Digital Album)

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* This digital album was created as part of the multi-disc "Back in Time Symphonic Collection" project, also known as "8-Bit Symphony Box-Set" and "Symphony 64" - some of the tracks *

Welcome to Back in Time 5: Escape from SIDs Castle.  

Note: live orchestra versions of some of these arrangements performed by the amazing Czech Studio Orchestra can be found in 8-Bit Symphony Pro. This album contains no recordings that also appear on 8-Bit Symphony Pro.

01. Imagine Ocean (Galway), arr. Abbott/Pickering, orch. Pickering/Tait
02. Green Beret Part One (Galway) arr. Brimble/Abbott, orch. Pickering/Tait
03. Ark Pandora (Daglish) arr. Abbott/Daglish, orch. Pickering
04. Hunter Patrol (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard
05. Firelord (Daglish/Brown) arr. Brown, orch. Pickering/Tait
06. Monty on the Run Suite (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard, orch. Hubbard/Pickering/Tait
07. Monty’s Journey (Hubbard) arr. Hubbard/Abbott, orch. Hubbard/Tait
08. Turrican 2: The Great Bath (Huelsbeck) arr. Eaton, orch. Eaton
09. William Wobbler (Daglish) arr. Abbott/Daglish, orch. Pickering/Tait
10. Storm Warrior (Cooksey) arr. Cooksey/Pickering, orch. Pickering
11. Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (Cooksey) arr. Cooksey/Pickering, orch. Pickering
12. Times of Lore (Galway/Brown) arr. Brown, orch. Abbott
13. Stifflip and Co. (Joseph) arr. Abbott, orch. Pickering
14. Monty on the Run (Hubbard) arr. Abbott, orch. Abbott
15. Monty’s Journey (Hubbard) arr. Abbott, orch. Abbott

About this album

I planned Back in Time 4, 5 and 6 two decades ago to take over from where Back in Time 3 left off. It was always planned that they’d be largely symphonic, but it took a while (and many twists and turns) for reality to catch up.

This series of CDs contains computer-based performances of arrangements from the 8-Bit Symphony project. I used mostly VSTs from Orchestral Tools with additional libraries from Spitfire Audio, 8Dio, Impact Soundworks and Embertone. These were all integrated into Sibelius, and the scores were then marked up for realism (this is where the art comes in!). After that, they were output into Cubase where they were timing-corrected, enhanced with light reverb, mixed, and then rendered. The CD was co-produced by Kenneth “Slaygon” Mutka who worked closely on this project since its inception, and without whom it wouldn’t exist. Many of the production ideas are his.

Arrangements were created by myself, Rob Hubbard, Alisdair J. Pickering and 8-Bit Symphony Conductor Robin Tait, with guest arrangers Ben Daglish, Glyn R. Brown and Greg Eaton.

Big thanks to “Back in Time Symphonic Collection” Kickstarter backers for their patience!

This project is of course dedicated to the memories of Ben Daglish and Richard Joseph. They would have got a kick out of all this.