8-Bit Symphony - The Collection (Pre-order)


Digital download is now complete. CD set is still on pre-order - check the status of all deliverables here.

The product is six physical/digital albums disks at a bargain price + digital bonuses including a bonus album. The physical albums will be slim jewel cases in a slipcase.

The first three disks and the bonus disk are classical orchestral arrangements, the fourth is hybrid orchestra/synth arrangements, the fifth is big-band, the sixth is progressive metal.

Pre-order and get access to:

  • Back in Time 4 - Sidventure - 80 minutes of symphonic goodness.
  • Back in Time 5 - Escape from SIDs Castle - 80 minutes of symphonic goodness.
  • "Cinematic 64" - a hybrid orchestra/synth powerhouse
  • "Big Band Bacon" joyful big band from Uncle and the Bacon
  • "Progressive 64" amazingly powerful C64 tracks in a metal style with some orchestra thrown in
  • Bonus digital: "Rob Renders" by Rob Hubbard - rare/new orchestrations from Rob Hubbard himself
  • "8-Bit Symphony @ Home" video (videos and studio tracks giving a concert experience at home)
  • Informative 24-page PDF Programme for 8-Bit Symphony concert 

Still to come on the project:

  • Back in Time 6 - "Throne of SIDs"
  • Physical Products.

More details

(released) Disk 1: Back in Time 4 - Sidventure 

Epic orchestrations of: Barbarian 2/Parallax High Score, Super Huey, Shadowfire, WAR, Delta, Flash Gordon, Mission AD, Nodes of Yesod, Mutants Tune #2, One Man and his Droid, Trap, Aztec Challenge, International Karate, Last Ninja® Wastelands Loader, Wilderness, Wastelands, Thanatos, Times of Lore Title, Stationary Ark.


 (released) Disk 2: Back in Time 5 - Escape from Sids Castle - tales from the kingdom of SID

Epic orchestrations of Comic Bakery, Ocean Loader, Rambo, Green Beret, Ark Pandora, Hunter Patrol, Firelord, Monty on the Run x 2, Monty on the Run High Score x 2, Turrican 2 - The Great Bath, William Wobbler, Storm Warrior, Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Times of Lore, Stifflip and Co.

(released) Disk 3: Back in Time 6 - Throne of Sids

Symphonic tales of Swords and Sorcery, and Tales of the Arabian SIDs. Defender of the Crown, Grouting, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Forbidden Forest and Beyond, Kentilla, Black Lamp, Spellbound x 2, Dragon's Lair II Lizard King, Zoids x 2, Knight Tyme,  Master of Magic, Wizardry, Nemesis the Warlock

(released) Disk 4: Cinematic 64

Hard edged cinematic hybrid symphonic tracks from Slaygon, such as Knucklebusters that would fit perfectly into any dark superhero movie.  Driller, Rambo, Deliverance, Aztec Challenge, Opus II, Mutants, Knucklebusters. Check it out also at Slaygon's Bandcamp page.

(released) Disk 5: Big Band Bacon

A joyful 10 track album of bouncy big-band themed covers from Uncle and the Bacon - Last Ninja® Wastelands, Warhawk, Bubble Bobble, Druid 2, Rambo Loader, One Man and his Droid, Baby of Can Guru, Comic Bakery, Defender of the Crown Love Theme, Yie-Ar Kung Fu (subtunes 18-17-12)

(released) Disk 6: Progressive 64

Combine fine metal arrangements with symphonic undertones and you have this great disk from the creators of Ninja Musicology, the FastLoaders. Ocean Loader v2, Commando, Future Knight, Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Monty on the Run, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Barbarian, Storm Warrior Suite, Green Beret, Forbidden Forest and Beyond (orchestra enhanced), Saboteur 2 (orchestra enhanced), Barbarian (Orchestra enhanced), Last Ninja Wastelands Loader, feat. Ben Daglish on flute.


(released) Bonus digital disk 7: Rob Renders

An hour long album of rare and new orchestrations from Rob Hubbard, with beautiful piano Dragon's Lair II track from Patrick Nevian.  Pygmies Revenge, Saboteur 2, Centurion, Holmes (Watson distracts Manager), Era of Eidolon, Action Theme, Holmes (Equestrian), Adagio for the Past, Era of Eidolon Village Theme, Romance Theme, Food Feud (Long Lost SID), Dragon's Lair II Piano medley from Patrick Nevian, Adagio from Within, and relevant bonus track from Rob's reel-to-reel archive.


Digital bonuses: 8-Bit Symphony @ Home Video, PDF Programme for 8-Bit Symphony concert.

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