Project Hubbard - How many albums??

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Remix albums are a big part of Project Hubbard (digital, and of course on CD). and not only Rob and Marcel's main "Hubbard '80" album.

The Audio part of Project Hubbard comes in "Standard" and "Deluxe" editions.

The standard edition has THREE audio albums:
Hubbard '80 (Rob and Marcel)

Alt-SIDs (Rob and Jason Page)

The Hubbard Archive (Rob)


The deluxe one has those three, plus a potential extra SIX albums: NINE albums in total, all completely amazing. You'll love them.

"Rob and the Bacon" - Uncle and the Bacon

10 brand new big band/swing/boogie C64 remixes. Why not catch up with "Big Band Bacon"?

"Rock Hubbard" - FastLoaders

Progressive Metal Rob Hubbard Remixes from the Norwegian wonders "FastLoaders", following on from their forthcoming "Progressive 64" album.


"Escape from New Rob" - Mark "TDK" Knight

John Carpenter-style Rob Hubbard remixes.

Escape from New Rob artwork by Trevor Storey 


"Robdez-Vous Special Edition" - Marcel Donné

A customised edition of "Robdez-Vous" from Marcel Donné's multi-disk Project Sidologie.

(Stretch goal) "Hubbard Remixed"

Various legends contributing their favourite Rob Hubbard tracks in their favourite style including Allister Brimble, Barry Leitch and Johan Andersson.

(Stretch goal) "Robformation" - Matt Gray

8 brand-new Rob Hubbard remixes from the legendary Matt Gray, plus Sanxion from Reformation 1 and Commando from Reformation 2, making 10 tracks in total.

You know who likes C64 remix albums? I'm not naming names, but...



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