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To order, click here

My last project, “Reformation Last Ninja 2 C64 Remakes” was a huge success. It featured remakes of my own music, but a stretch-goal bonus disk also remade iconic Commodore 64 classics such as Knucklebusters, W.A.R, Arcade Classics, Phantoms Of The Asteroid & Sanxion (Thalamusik) by Rob Hubbard, and Arkanoid, Rambo First Blood Part 2 & Green Beret by Martin Galway.

The response to these SID remakes was so good, I will be using the same patented “Reformation” approach to blow up more 8 bit music classics into stunning pieces of ear candy for a follow-up double album. I will also be remaking some other games soundtracks I composed on the C64 and even featuring something from the NES!

If you watch the project video for this page you can hear some of the transformations made from pure SID to full blown production.

And below is just one of the 50+ remakes featured on the original Reformation album.

By casting my eye across the C64 SID landscape beyond my own catalogue I can bring new sonic life to a greater range of classic soundtracks.

Some of the tracks high on the list for this new album are such SID classics as 

  • Commando 
  • Comic Bakery
  • One Man & His Droid
  • Lightforce
  • Kentilla
  • Ocean Loader 1
  • Green Beret Loader
  • Monty On The Run
  • Flash Gordon
  • Nemesis The Warlock
  • Holiday Morning
  • Trap
  • Giana Sisters High Score
  • Thanatos
  • and more!

All of the cover versions for this album will be properly licensed so that the original composers will receive their fair share of royalties.