SID Effects VI - SID Style (free digital album)

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Chris Whillock is back with another collection of Martialtastic SIDs from his dual SIDFX 6581/8580 combo that makes filters sound wonderful.

Use this link for the SID Effects Google Drive where you can download all SID Effects albums!

Disk 1

  1. Bangkok Knights Loader (Matt Gray)
  2. Dragon Ninja (Jonathan Dunn)
  3. Last Ninja 3 Intro (Reyn Ouwehand)
  4. Avenger (Ben Daglish)
  5. 1000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (Jon Wells)
  6. Uchi Mata (Paul Hodgson)
  7. Sword of Honour (John Carehag)
  8. The Last Ninja Wilderness + Loader (Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees)
  9. Rising Sun (Peter Nagy-Miklos)
  10. Ninja Rabbits (Sean Connolly)
  11. IK+ (Rob Hubbard)
  12. Lost in China (Jeroen Tel)
  13. Last Ninja 2 Remake (Jason Page)
  14. Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Martin Galway)
  15. Bruce Lee (John A. Fitzpatrick)

Disk 2

  1. Bruce Lee - Return of Fury Loader (Vidar Bang)
  2. Lost Ninja (Thomas Detert)
  3. Samurai Warrior (Neil Brennan)
  4. Last Ninja 2 - The Basement with Loader (Matt Gray )
  5. The Way of the Exploding Fist Medley (Neil Brennan)
  6. Ninja Warriors (Tony Williams)
  7. SF2 Intro Medley (Narciso Quintana)
  8. Yie Ar Kung-Fu II (Martin Galway)
  9. Last Ninja Remix - The Wastelands (Reyn Ouwehand)
  10. The Chambers of Shaolin (Holger Knipping & M. Hendricks)
  11. Target Renegade (Gari Biasillo)
  12. 1000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (Richard Bayliss)
  13. Double Dragon (Charles Deenan)
  14. Ninja Spirit (Martin Walker)
  15. International Karate (Geir Tjelta)

Cover by Rene Rauschenberger