SID Effects II - Tribute to Ben Daglish (free digital album)

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SID Effects II - A tribute to Ben Daglish

Formats: MP3 (320kbps), FLAC (24/96)

From the SIDFX (6581 + 8580) of Sid Effects' Chris Whillock, comes this album of lovingly recorded SID: a tribute to legendary musician Ben Daglish.

Recorded in 24/96 FLAC and also available as MP3, these SIDs do real justice to Ben's legacy.

Here's the track listing:

  1. Trap
  2. Deflektor
  3. Firelord
  4. Thing Bounces Back
  5. Super Cars
  6. Ark Pandora #1
  7. Re-Bounder #2
  8. Challenge of the Gobots
  9. Way of the Tiger (composed by Mark Denny)
  10. MASK III - Venom Strikes Back
  11. Return of the Mutant Camels
  12. William Wobbler #2
  13. Bombo #1
  14. Zarjaz
  15. Hades Nebula #2
  16. Krakout
  17. Bulldog
  18. Deathwish III
  19. The Last Ninja® Medley



Album recorded and compiled, and artwork created by, Chris Whillock

Huge thanks to Jason Moon for the photography.