SID Effects - 8-Bit Symphony (Free Digital Album)

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Chris Whillock is back with a tribute to some of the best (and a couple of the worse!) classical SIDs, to celebrate the 8-Bit Symphony concert, which you can experience @Home

Just use the link below, and bookmark it to visit whenever you hear about another SID Effects CD!

 DOWNLOAD IT FROM this link, which is the SID Effects Google Drive. Not only can you download this album, but the others in the collection too!

  1. Manic Miner 01 (The Blue Danube) by Chris Lancaster
  2. Synth Sample III 04 (The Blue Danube) by Rob Hubbard
  3. Wheelin' Wallie 01 (Minuet in G - BWV 116) by Graham Hansford
  4. Harvey Smith Show Jumper (A Musical Joke) by Rob Hubbard
  5. Roadrunner 05 (Flight of the Bumblebee [from opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan]) by Fred Gray
  6. Sabre Wulf (Prelude No. 1- BWV 846) by Greg Duddle
  7. Mama Llama 01 by James Lisney
  8. Manic Miner 02 (In The Hall Of The Mountain King) by Chris Lancaster
  9. Wheelin' Wallie 02 (Minuet in G major) by Graham Hansford
  10. Slinky 02 (The Festival Overture: The Year 1812, Op. 49) by Paul Norman
  11. Spirit of The Stones (Night on the Bare Mountain) by Chris Cox
  12. Stationary Ark (Adapted) by Georg Feil
  13. Slinky 03 (The Stars and Stripes Forever) by Paul Norman
  14. Wheelin' Wallie 03 by Graham Hansford
  15. Tales of The Arabian Nights (Festival at Bagdad - The Sea - Shipwreck [from Sheherazade, Op. 35]) by Chris Cox
  16. Bristles (March [from The Nutcracker]) by Adam Bellin
  17. Slinky 04 (National Emblem) by Paul Norman
  18. Wheelin' Wallie 04 by Graham Hansford
  19. Slinky 05 (Colonel Bogey) by Paul Norman
  20. Wheelin' Wallie 05 by Graham Hansford
  21. Black Hawk (Ride of the Valkyries) by Dean Lock
  22. Wheelin' Wallie 06 (Serenade - Opus 3 No. 5) by Graham Hansford
  23. Hobbit 02 (March of Triumph [from Aida]) by Neil Brennan
  24. Hover Bovver (Country Gardens, Shepherds Ho) by James Lisney
  25. Quo Vadis (March of the Trolls) by Steven T. Chapman
  26. Sheep In Space (Sheep May Safely Graze - Schafe Können Sicher Weiden, BWV 208) by James Lisney
  27. Synth Sample 08 (Canon in D major) by Georg Feil
  28. Mama Llama 02 (Spring Song, Op. 62, No. 2) by James Lisney
  29. Shamus (Funeral March of a Marionette) by William Mataga
  30. Revenge of The Mutant Camels (Ballet Egyptien) by James Lisney
  31. Way of The Exploding Fist - Title (Dance of the Yao People) by Neil Brennan
  32. Wheelin' Wallie 07 by Graham Hansford
  33. Sanxion Title (The Montagues and Capulets [from Romeo and Juliet]) by Rob Hubbard