Rock Hubbard by FastLoaders (CD/Digital Album)

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(This album is also part of Project Hubbard Deluxe which features this album, another four albums (!) and lots of extras and is really good value).

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Rock Hubbard is an amazing CD/digital album of Rock covers of classic Rob Hubbard tunes done by FastLoaders/Jarle H. Olsen. 

Top Commodore 64 game tunes done in a rock style. Intricate, intelligent and powerful, as well as faithful and full of detail. 

Video medley has a different track order to the CD. Just so you know. Oh, the hard-as-nails cover was designed by Kenneth "Slaygon" Mutka.

Tracklisting is:

  1. Skate or Die
  2. International Karate™™™
  3. Dragon's Zoids (Dragon's Lair II Rapids/Zoids)
  4. One Man and his Droid (amazing soloing)
  5. Lightforce (listen for the end for goosebumps)
  6. Warhawk
  7. Ace II (more like Top Gun than Top Gun!)
  8. Saboteur II
  9. Delta
  10. Commando High Score (chilled power ballad)
  11. Arcade Classics

Arranged, performed, produced and mastered by Jarle H. Olsen.
Additional programming by Chris Abbott
Artwork by Kenneth "Slaygon" Mutka