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Retro shooter meets c64

So, what's it all about?

RoboRob is an old school shooter featuring the epic music of Rob Hubbard and has been lovingly crafted to help promote The Official Rob Hubbard Kickstarter. Obviously RoboRob is very much about Rob, but it is also a tribute to some of the awesome games of my childhood. RoboRob has been sent back in time to fight the enemies of his past and must battle through 90 levels to defeat the ultimate boss.

Prepare to take a trip through memory lane in glorious hi-res explosion-vision! Not only does RoboRob pleasure your ears with over 30 of the finest c64 tunes ever made, it also features the voice of another c64 legend, Ben Daglish!

Gameplay is easy - ideally plug in a controller, it's a twin stick shooter after all:  left stick to move, right stick to aim your bullets. Simples. If you don't have a controller there are a variety of keyboard options.

Use a generic controller for best play!

Want even more Rob Hubbard?

You are in luck my friend. The Official Rob Hubbard Kickstarter is well under way! Featuring a brand new album co-written by veteran synth expert Marcel Donné, Rob Hubbard - The Official Reference book, an album of 10+ new Rob Hubbard SIDs and more, more, more.

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