Project Sidologie: Sidologie 12-26 (Digital Album)

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Taken from the Project Sidologie Collection, this MP3/FLAC digital download features the following C64 tunes as Jarre-styled electronic ear-candy, performed by Marcel Donné.

  1. Shadow Skimmer (Neil "Demon" Baldwin)
  2. Robocop (Jonathan Dunn)
  3. Rockbuster (Johannes Bjerregaard)
  4. Storm Warrior (Mark Cooksey)
  5. Implosion (Fred Gray)
  6. Dutch Breeze (Reyn Ouwehand)
  7. Mutants Subtune 2 (Fred Gray)
  8. Dominion/Amyloid (Mark Tait/Marcel Donne)
  9. Enigma Force (Fred Gray)
  10. Trickbag (Stellan "Dane" Andersson)
  11. Never Die (Brandis/Slaygon)
  12. Gem'X (Chris Huelsbeck)
  13. LED Storm (Tim Follin)

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