Project Sidologie: Robdez-Vous (Digital Album)

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Taken from the Project Sidologie Collection, this MP3/FLAC digital download features the following Rob Hubbard as Jarre-styled electronic ear-candy, performed by Marcel Donné.

  1. Sanxion
  2. Crazy Comets/Bangkok Knights
  3. Phantoms of the Asteroid
  4. Shockway Rider
  5. Gerry the Germ/Calypso
  6. Jet Set Willy (Atari 8-bit)
  7. Synth Sample III ("Casio")
  8. Lightforce
  9. One Man and his Droid

Available immediately for digital download, AND you get a coupon code for £6 off the Project Sidologie box-set: so if you like this and want to upgrade, you've lost nothing!