Project Sidologie: Martnetic Fields (Digital Album)

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Taken from the Project Sidologie Collection, this MP3/FLAC digital download features the magic of these Martin Galway/Jarre tunes as Jarre-styled electronic ear-candy, performed by Marcel Donné.

  1. Rambo Loading Theme
  2. Arkanoid High Score (Link)
  3. Microprose Soccer (Indoor #9)
  4. Miami Vice In-Game
  5. Game Over
  6. Magnetic Fields IV
  7. Parallax
  8. Green Beret Loading Theme
  9. Wizball Title Theme Extended
  10. Wizball (Bonus Link)
  11. Wizball High Score
  12. Microprose Rhumba
  13. The Last Rhumba

Available immediately for digital download, AND you get a coupon code for £6 off the Project Sidologie box-set: so if you like this and want to upgrade, you've lost nothing!