Ninja Musicology Live - Blu-Ray/Digital Video Download


Now available: the digital video or Blu-Ray of FastLoaders' Ninja Musicology concert with Ben Daglish.

Sat. 15th October 2016: FastLoaders and Ben Daglish gave a legendary concert of music from The Last Ninja™ series of games at the Underworld club in London.

It was a memorable, emotional evening for everyone there. Tears were shed, dreams were made. The audience was thrilled!

(check out the FastLoaders Facebook page for audience reaction and bootleg video clips: and thanks to Jason and Dave!)

Now you can own the concert forever!

You get free postage with the Blu-Ray!

The Blu-Ray is a single disk with the 2 hour concert and a slideshow. Also, if you buy the Blu-Ray, you get the video download.

Blu-Ray track listing

Professionally shot! Professionally mixed!

The audio from the concert was multi-track recorded and is being mixed for this Blu-Ray by Alexa Argento and Jarle H. Olsen. The video was professionally recorded in glorious HD by Chris Burton, a cameraman with nearly 20 years experience. You can see some screencaps from the footage on the left!


You own the HD video download forever, and the Blu-Ray isn't region locked.


  1. Central Park Loader (LN2)
  2. The Wilderness (TLN)
  3. The Street Loader (LN2)
  4. Earth (LN3)
  5. The Sewers Loader (LN2)
  6. The Sewers (LN2)
  7. The Basement Loader (LN2)
  8. Palace Gardens Loader (TLN)
  9. Void (LN3)
  10. Dungeons Loader (TLN)
  11. Wastelands Loader (with Ben Daglish) (TLN)
  12. Wastelands (with Ben Daglish) (TLN)
  13. The Basement (LN2)
  14. The Office Loader (LN2)
  15. The Office (LN2)
  16. The Mansion (LN2)
  17. The Palace (TLN)
  18. The Inner Sanctum (TLN)
  19. Intro (LN3)
  20. Fire (LN3)
  21. The Mansion (LN2)
  22. Central Park (LN2)
  23. The Palace Loader

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