Master of Magic - The Official Rob Hubbard Softography (backer/customer page)

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Rob Hubbard - Master of Magic (1st Edition)

Official Rob Hubbard illustrated softography
~350 pages, full colour.

Welcome, previous customer/backer. Some important information:

0) There will only be one print run of the book, and the quantity needs to be finalised by end-April 2024. Hardback is therefore a pre-order.

It's really expensive to print, and there is no way it would ever get reprinted "just in case" a load of people got Hubbard-fever. Also, it's a 1.3kg book, so keeping large amounts of stock is not really an option. So, without any miracles, the first run is the only run: and we have to submit the numbers by mid-April 2024.

1) All Project Hubbard Kickstarter VIPs (pledges > £100) get a signed hardback book. You don't need to do anything (unless you want to order another copy, or multiple copies).

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Now onto the rest of the page...

Rob Hubbard changed videogame history forever. He was the Western master of game soundtracks, inspiring the industry and fans alike.

Now Chris Abbott of brings you the definitive, official, and authorised full-colour illustrated softography that tells his amazing story from 8-bit to 16-bit and beyond.

Entertaining and accessible yet exhaustively researched this book features all of Rob’s games in order. Dip in to your favourite memory or follow Rob’s musical and technical journey!

Rob himself contributed generously to this book to do history justice! Find out how his driver started, how Weetabix’s legal department change his life, what date he wrote Commando, which game had the craziest SFX, how Rob narrowly missed being a pop star and more.

It’s like you’re looking over Rob’s shoulder as he struggles with early rejection, creates masterpieces such as “Thing on a Spring”, “Monty on the Run” and “Sanxion”, struggles with burnout with “Star Paws” and jets off to a life in the sun with Electronic Arts.

Designed to feel like a classic video game magazine, “Master of Magic” is a feast for the eyes, and gives access to a 120Gb media gallery of videos, recordings, source code, orchestrations and more! Rob’s cupboard is packed with hidden gems!

It’s not just Rob’s story. It’s a compelling and historically important look behind the scenes of ‘80s and ’90s Western gaming.