FastLoaders Last Ninja 2 Live @ Bergen 2019 (Downloadable video)


*PREORDER* Release date: 24th December 2019 - "Amiga Rocks" backers who pre-ordered this in the Kickstarter will get it at the same time.

FastLoaders present the Last Ninja II OST played in it's entirety with Matt Gray as guest of honour among the audience.

Exclusive multi-cam footage of the event with a brilliant audio mix!

Recorded live in Bergen, Norway 18th October 2019.

Guitars: Jarle H. Olsen

Keyboards: Kjetil Nossum

Bass: Tore Christer Storlid

Drums: Bjarte K. Helland

Additional rhythm guitar layers and harmonies are on tracks.

Live sound and recording by Bård S. Larsen

Audio mixed and mastered by Jarle H. Olsen

Video editing by Jarle H. Olsen

Thanks to the following people for contributions to the video;

  • Slay Radio
  • Gabriele von Tessin
  • Eva Melbøe
  • Lea Riis
  • Tiffany Yang
  • Snorre Bue

Tracks are taken from "Ninja Musicology" album available at


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