8-Bit Symphony Pro: First Half Surround-sound Blu-ray

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"They sound absolutely *magnificent*; richly atmospheric and fantastically cinematic, they evoke mental images of blockbuster movies based on the relevant games. I spent all morning listening to them before heading out to work, and they put me in quite the cheeriest mood!" - Matthew Smith, Amiga Power

The 80-piece Czech Studio Orchestra conducted by Robin Tait play some of the most iconic and epic 8-bit microcomputer tunes ever.

Everyone who loves 8-bit microcomputers, video game music or light classical/film/TV soundtracks needs this in their life.

Available now a limited edition Blu-ray, with the main feature featuring 5.1 DTS-HD-MA audio. You also get access to a download area with MKV stereo videos and a disc image of the blu-ray.

Also available as an add-on in our second Kickstarter "8-Bit Symphony Pro: Second Half", finishing 6th December.


  • 01. Firelord - Glyn R. Brown's beautiful and moving arrangement of Ben's towering original packs an emotional punch.
  • 02. Forbidden Forest and Beyond - a fan favourite: dramatic, scary builds and an amazing Elfman-esque waltz on the end in this medley from Paul Norman's crowning work.
  • 03. Kentilla - another Rob Hubbard epic, a fantasy epic for the ages, with horns to die for
  • 04. Spellbound - Eastern Mystery with Rob's magnificent score...
  • 05. Knight Tyme - It was only on the Spectrum 128, but it's a damn catchy fantasy outing...
  • 06. Ghosts 'n Goblins - bubbly fun, a fan favourite (especially with the children!) and catchy as hell.
  • 07. Imagine Ocean (Comic Bakery, Ocean Loader Rambo) - when that Ocean Loader theme started, people cried.
  • 08. Green Beret - extended mashup of loader and title tune tell the full tale of war
  • 09. William Wobbler - this Ben Daglish favourite wouldn't be out of place in "Home Alone".
  • 10. Stifflip and Co - Richard Joseph's exuberant track paying tribute to his much-missed musical genius - with a drunk bit in the middle!
  • 11. Aztec Challenge - you can hear the Aztecs dying, but you won't care in this thrilling version of Paul Norman's magnum opus.
  • 12. International Karate Suite - more like International Kung-Fu, amazing film-like journey through an oriental sonic landscape.
  • 13. The Last Ninja® Wastelands - Chris Abbott's loving tribute to Ben Daglish, combining the Wastelands loader and main theme. Delicate and beautiful bamboo flute playing combines with an epic and meaty Wastelands.
  • 14. W.A.R. - sophisticated and powerful arrangement from Rob Hubbard himself, starting the sci-fi portion of our programme
  • 15. Flash Gordon - a highlight of the concert and a total sci-fi epic. Would stand proud in any 80s sci-fi epic you care to name.
  • 16. Trap - to Ben, Trap was his masterwork. Those giant drums celebrate him with every beat in this space epic.
  • 17. ZOIDS® - a deceptively quiet opening leads to a powerful and almost overwhelming grandeur.
  • 18. Barbarillax (Barbarian 2/Parallax High Score) - an astonishing John Williams-esque end credits sequence for our sci-fi opus.
  • 19. Monty on the Run - this project would be incomplete without Monty on the Run, and boy, did Rob put his heart into this one. From tension to frantic chase, exploration and then almost cartoon-ish joie de vivre, this is unmissable.
  • 20. Monty's Journey - Monty on the Run High Score and Commando High Score - an achingly beautiful and moving emotional journey to finish off this project. Get tissues!