8-Bit Symphony Pro: First Half

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8-Bit Symphony Pro: First Half 

Available on CD or digital album

"They sound absolutely *magnificent*; richly atmospheric and fantastically cinematic, they evoke mental images of blockbuster movies based on the relevant games. I spent all morning listening to them before heading out to work, and they put me in quite the cheeriest mood!" - Matthew Smith, Amiga Power

The Czech Studio Orchestra conducted by Robin Tait play some of the most iconic and epic 8-bit microcomputer tunes ever.

Everyone who loves 8-bit microcomputers, video game music or film soundtracks needs this in their life.

Both the CD and download contain an informative 32 page (!) booklet.

Disk 1: 

  • 01. Firelord - Glyn R. Brown's beautiful and moving arrangement of Ben's towering original packs an emotional punch.
  • 02. Forbidden Forest and Beyond - a fan favourite: dramatic, scary builds and an amazing Elfman-esque waltz on the end in this medley from Paul Norman's crowning work.
  • 03. Kentilla - another Rob Hubbard epic, a fantasy epic for the ages, with horns to die for
  • 04. Spellbound - Eastern Mystery with Rob's magnificent score...
  • 05. Knight Tyme - It was only on the Spectrum 128, but it's a damn catchy fantasy outing...
  • 06. Ghosts 'n Goblins - bubbly fun, a fan favourite (especially with the children!) and catchy as hell.
  • 07. Imagine Ocean (Comic Bakery, Ocean Loader Rambo) - when that Ocean Loader theme started, people cried.
  • 08. Green Beret - extended mashup of loader and title tune tell the full tale of war
  • 09. William Wobbler - this Ben Daglish favourite wouldn't be out of place in "Home Alone".
  • 10. Stifflip and Co - Richard Joseph's exuberant track paying tribute to his much-missed musical genius - with a drunk bit in the middle!

Disk 2: 

  • 01. Aztec Challenge - you can hear the Aztecs dying, but you won't care in this thrilling version of Paul Norman's magnum opus.
  • 02. International Karate Suite - more like International Kung-Fu, amazing film-like journey through an oriental sonic landscape.
  • 03. The Last Ninja® Wastelands - Chris Abbott's loving tribute to Ben Daglish, combining the Wastelands loader and main theme. Delicate and beautiful bamboo flute playing combines with an epic and meaty Wastelands.
  • 04. W.A.R. - sophisticated and powerful arrangement from Rob Hubbard himself, starting the sci-fi portion of our programme
  • 05. Flash Gordon - a highlight of the concert and a total sci-fi epic. Would stand proud in any 80s sci-fi epic you care to name.
  • 06. Trap - to Ben, Trap was his masterwork. Those giant drums celebrate him with every beat in this space epic.
  • 07. ZOIDS® - a deceptively quiet opening leads to a powerful and almost overwhelming grandeur.
  • 08. Barbarillax (Barbarian 2/Parallax High Score) - an astonishing John Williams-esque end credits sequence for our sci-fi opus.
  • 09. Monty on the Run - this project would be incomplete without Monty on the Run, and boy, did Rob put his heart into this one. From tension to frantic chase, exploration and then almost cartoon-ish joie de vivre, this is unmissable.
  • 10. Monty's Journey - Monty on the Run High Score and Commando High Score - an achingly beautiful and moving emotional journey to finish off this project. Get tissues!


8-Bit Symphony Pro conducted by Robin Tait

Performed by the Czech Studio Orchestra led by Radek Krizanovsky
Recordings produced at Smecky Studios by Vitek Kral and Mikel Toms
Orchestra Managed and led by Radek Krizanovsky
Violin Solos by Radek Krizanovsky
Recorder solo in “Wastelands” by Mira Thiruchelvam

Produced by Rob Hubbard, Chris Abbott and Alisdair J. Pickering
Assisted by Damian Manning, Russell F. Howard
Executive Producing by Kenneth “Slaygon” Mutka
Score and parts preparation by Robin Tait
Editing by Allister Brimble and Chris Abbott
Mixed by Allister Brimble, Rob Hubbard, and Chris Abbott
Mastering by Allister Brimble
Mixed at Master Chord Studio

Front cover by Steve Green
Photography by Lorraine Ayrton
Booklet by Chris Abbott and Damian Manning
Booklet illustrations by Steph Abbott
Scores and logistics by NorthWolds Print Works
PR by Anna Black