Summer of SID - a free album with the biggest names!

Image above by Johnnathan "Doc" Taylor.

A lovely summery album of C64 SIDdy goodness, organised by Paul "Sidman" Hesford and mastered by Max Hall.

Click HERE below to go to the Google Drive folder to pick up your free loveliness!

Artwork by Johnnathan "Doc" Taylor

Artwork by Del Seymour



Insidious: the best C64 VST, as used in this project.

And if THAT wasn't enough, if you have Native Instruments' Reaktor you have ZERO excuse for not downloading Mike Clarke's Amazing SID VST plugin "Insidious", used on some of these tracks to wonderful effect.

Original features:

* Complete, accurate emulation of the Commodore 64 sound chip. No enhancements or additions.

* Very easy-to-use interface.

* 50Hz or 60Hz clock updates for that extra game-music-like effect.

* Parameter tables.

* Presets directly from real Commodore 64 game music.



Coming soon: v1.2

New features:



* More accurate root waveforms. The tone and saturation now perfectly match the real hardware.

* Much more accurate filter, tweaked by matching waveforms using an oscilloscope connected to real SID chips.

* Vastly improved combined waveforms, especially at higher frequencies.

* Root pulse width value now allows the full 0-100% rage instead of 0-50%.

* Pulse width is quantised to 4096 values like the real chip.



* Table loop start and end points. Tables can be simpler and have an attack phase.

* Increased pitch range.


User Interface

* New custom graphics

* Control sensitivity adjustments

* Improved the modulation envelope graphs and added a graph to the main volume ADSR.

* Added a MIDI channel parameter to the filter to set the channel used for its LFO Key Follow and envelope triggering.



* Better CPU usage. Also, muting a channel will completely stop it using any CPU.

* Added volume ADSR to the automatable parameters.

* Added support for Bank Select for better patch organisation.


Bug fixes

* Fade time now matches the specified value correctly.

* Fixed a clicking that could occur on triggering a note.

* Switched from using custom MIDI data parsing to using Reaktor's built-in MIDI modules for reduced complexity.