C64Audio Kickstarter Status Page

Last update: 19th January 2021

Welcome to the Kickstarter status page: a one-stop-shop for seeing what status our various Kickstarters are at, since many of them have multiple albums.

A note on digital file delivery

"Digital files? What digital files? Why did no one tell me?"

All digital files released in our Kickstarters are put into a permanent file area for that Kickstarter on Google Drive. A link to that area is usually given to backers through the Kickstarter messaging system. Messages sent that way usually show up in your regular email inbox, but sometimes get spam-killed.

If you've received nothing, then log into Kickstarter.com, click in the top right on your avatar, then click on "Messages". You will probably have messages there with links on. Or click here.

C64Audio.com and SendOwl: orders through C64Audio.com generate a link to the same file area through SendOwl: when new stuff is uploaded, I sent out an update through SendOwl. Basically: whitelist SendOwl.com!

NOTE: Once you have visited the file area once, it will show up in your "Shared With Me" menu in Google Drive. This means you don't have to worry about retrieving the link via Kickstarter or SendOwl.

8-Bit Symphony Pro: Second Half

Digital links and bonus URLs to file areas distributed. Project in progress.


8-Bit Symphony Pro: First Half

Summary: Double album of orchestral remixes played by the Czech Studio orchestra. Not to be confused with "8-Bit Symphony Box Set", which is renders of the same tunes, plus a lot of other stuff.

 Digital album Stereo Files

Digital album Surround Files Fulfilled
Double CD Set Fulfilled
Blu-Ray ISO Fulfilled
Blu-Ray Physical Fulfilled


8-Bit Symphony Box-Set a.k.a. Symphony 64 a.k.a. Back in Time Symphonic Collection

Digital album files

Disk 1 - Back in Time 4 - Sidventure (Orchestral Renders): Complete and final!

Disk 2 - Back in Time 5 - Escape from Sids Castle (Orchestral Renders): Complete and final!

Disk 3 - Throne of SIDs (Orchestral Renders): 
Complete and final!

Disk 4 - Cinematic 64 (Slaygon's Zimmery album): Complete and final.

Disk 5 - Big Band Bacon (Uncle and the Bacon): Complete and final.

Disk 6 - Progressive 64 (FastLoaders): Complete and Final

Disk 7 (digital only) - Rob Renders (a full digital album of renders of Rob Hubbard material including Era of Eidolon, Holmes, Saboteur 2, etc) - Complete and final.

Physical Box-set Fulfilled
Digital sheet music 17 scores uploaded, the remainder are dependent upon (a) the remaining scores being finished and (b) another stage of music prep/correction which has to be financed as part of 8-Bit Symphony Pro. The music prep for the first tranche of scores was done as part of the Hull Concert by Robin Tait. We were unaware of how much  work score correction and music prep would be when the Kickstarter was financed.
Sheet music book Dependent on digital sheet music being finished.
Megabook Dependent on digital sheet music being finished
HQ USB Will be delivered separately: some discussion as to shipping a 24/48 BDA with all six albums on it.


Project Hubbard

Massively ambitious Rob Hubbard-and-the-kitchen-sink Kickstarter.


Digital album files

Project Hubbard Standard and Deluxe digital packages are now complete.

Project Hubbard Standard and Deluxe albums:

Disk 1 - Rob Returns (Rob Hubbard new SIDs): Released and final

Disk 2 - Hubbard '80 (Rob Hubbard's only remix album, with Marcel Donné): Released and final

Disk 3 - Rob Hubbard Archive Disk 1: Released and final.

Disk 4 - Rob Hubbard Archive Disk 2: Released and final.

Deluxe-only albums/content

Disk 5 - Escape from New Rob (Mark Knight's Hubbard-meets-John-Carpenter album): Released and final.

Disk 6 - Rob and the Bacon (Uncle and the Bacon): Released and final.

Disk 7 - Rock Hubbard (FastLoaders): Released and Final.

Disk 8 - Hubbard Remixed (various remixers): Released and final.

Disk 9 - Robdez-Vous Special Edition (Marcel Donné): Released and final

Digital Bonuses:

Rob Hubbard SidEffects Collection (all tunes and subtunes recorded from dual-SID in HQ Audio): Released and final.

RobTracker (Jason Page's tracker for PC that uses Rob's driver and compiles to SID): Released and final.

Rob Returns playable SIDs: Released and final, recently updated for compatibility thanks to Wilfred Bos of HVSC.

Rob Hubbard Digital Archive: Project to curate all Rob Hubbard non-SID game soundtracks and original work in the best quality possible. This is an ongoing project and doesn't count towards completion status. 

Physical Box-sets Fulfilled
Rob Hubbard Reference Manual book  (digital/physical) Material 80% finished but needs editing and structuring. The 8-Bit Symphony Pro recordings in Prague represent the end of the book timeline/narrative, as they represent the pinnacle of a very long career. No ETA, there's just too much work still to do, but it's being prioritised. The book will ship separately to everything else.
Rob's Life digital download (game) Fulfilled
Rob's Life signed cartridge Fulfilled
Mugs, disks, etc. Fulfilled
Hubbard '80 Vinyls/Cassettes Vinyl: 2021 - vinyl lead times and postage are concerning. Cassette: fulfilled/shipping.


Amiga Rocks


Project Sidologie

Box-set Contents:

Disk 1: Sidologie 12-26

Disk 2: Martnetic Fields

Disk 3: Robdez-Vous

Disk 4: Waiting for SID

Disk 5: Remixes

Disk 6: Chariots of SID

Disk 7: Encore

Disk 8: Surroundings - Surround-sound DVD

Blu-Ray: Surroundings

Vinyl LP: Revolutions

Project complete: and despatched to everyone who confirmed their addresses. We will shortly update the Kickstarter.com interface to reflect who we have sent packages to. Many people didn't confirm their address and don't reply to emails.

Sidological Sample library stretch goal unfortunately postponed indefinitely because of the scale of work needed for Marcel, which was severely underestimated in the Kickstarter. Sorry everyone. But you did get extra CDs to make up for it! ("Encore")


Ninja Musicology

Kickstarter delivered fully.

Disk 1: The Last Ninja®

Disk 2: The Last Ninja 2

Disk 3: The Last Ninja 3

Concert/Blu-Ray: Live in the Underworld


Back in Time Live

Kickstarter delivered fully.