Project Sidologie - Revolutions - Double Vinyl LP

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A double heavy rare vinyl LP with custom artwork and beautiful gatefold sleeve with Giger-esque artwork by Trevor Storey. Thoughtfully, it includes a high quality digital download pack so you can play the unique vinyl mixes on other equipment.

This four-side LP has four unique continuous mixes of tracks taken from Project Sidologie.

There is a different musical experience on each side of vinyl.

Side 1 (OxyEqui)
1. Rambo Loader (from Martnetic Fields)
2. Sanqinoxe (from Robdez-Vous)
3. Wizball High Score (from Martnetic Fields)

Side 2 (MagFields)
1. OMAD (from Robdez-Vous)
2. Phantoms (from Robdez-Vous)
3. Last Ninja Sub 7 (from Waiting for SID)

Side 3 (ChinaLook)
1. Lightforce (from Robdez-Vous)
2. Game Over (from Martnetic Fields)
3. Crazy Comets/Bangkok Knights (from Robdez-Vous)

Side 4 (Revolution)
1. Hunters Moon (from Waiting for SID)
2. Mutants (from Sidologie 12-26)
3. Driller (from Waiting for SID)
4. GemX (from Sidologie 12-26)