Ninja Musicology - a Musical Tribute to the Last Ninja™ game series


"I bow my head to the FastLoaders for creating, producing and delivering a superb package encompassing all the music of the Last Ninja™ series, a huge undertaking that they tackled with affection, dignity, and style." - Imre Olajos Jr. (Read the full review)

Ninja Musicology started life as a (successful!) Kickstarter.

The release of System 3's "The Last Ninja™" was a seminal moment in the lives of many game players in 1987, as were the releases of it's even-more-successful sequel "Last Ninja 2™" and later "Last Ninja 3™"

Many players totally fell in love with the music for all of the games composed by Ben Daglish, Anthony Lees, Matt Gray and Reyn Ouwehand. One of these was Norwegian fan Jarle H. Olsen. Through his life, his love for these games carried. He carried the love through his life until he could finally grab some friends and record the whole amazing C64 trilogy in one amazing metal/rock tribute.

All the tunes from the C64 trilogy are here, given their own disk, and done in an entirely consistent style.

If you're even a fan of just one of the games, you deserve this in your collection while it exists.

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