Why should you support Project Hubbard?

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So, why should you back Project Hubbard?

Project Hubbard is the only and official Rob Kickstarter. It a reward for him, a reward for the musicians he inspired, and a reward for his many fans on all platforms: a reward they've been waiting for since 1988. He's in it, fully engaged, and ready to do this. We've both been working hard on getting SID fans and the London Symphony Orchestra in the same place. We can almost taste it!
This is also a chance to get new SIDs, get Rob back into the studio with modular synths, to get unreleased and rare stuff, transcripts, scores and loads more: and to get an orchestral concert.
In the book, you get to hear the story of Rob's abortive pop career in the mid-80s and stories of Rob's band-playing days with bands such as "Muffin" and "Snoopy Woodstock". You get to understand why his music was so meaningful to you. You get a meaningful definitive timeline, an analysis of his driver that won't leave you confused, and so much more you won't believe. It's the entire Rob, lovingly compiled.
Please back and share if Rob ever made you happy, or made you sad, or blew your mind. You can back the book (which will be detailed and meaty). You can back the music (numerous and lovely). Or choose both. All pledges are available at both physical and digital levels.
14 new SIDs? Rob Hubbard's definitive remix album? A load of unheard Hubbard stuff done on synths prior to the SIDs... in what Universe isn't that the best thing ever for a Rob Hubbard Fan? Give 15 year old you a break, and back this. Cheers.


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