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Hi all,

I've been relatively quiet recently on the communications front: that's not because I've got no news, but I was waiting for Fusion Retro Books to start selling the Master of Magic book so I could tell everyone about it in one news hit (they will be selling it at URL, currently that links to I'm hoping that process will start this week.

But for anyone who actually reads these blogs... here's what I've been doing...

Summary though: check your Kickstarter inbox or Google Drive if you bought Master of Magic, 8-Bit Symphony Pro 1 or 8-Bit Symphony Pro 2 because there's goodies there now that weren't there before.

Master of Magic

The plan is to start sending out the hardback in July, though there's a launch at ZZAP! Live in August. Recently an enhanced video of Rob Hubbard performing at Brighton was added to the media gallery for the book, along with the COVOX audio from 688 Attack Sub (we assumed it was going to be speech, but it was sampled music!).

The book itself had a month or two more love after the previous version was sent to backers. There were a ton of changes: some were cosmetic, such as improving the layout of various games and a thorough review of all images to make sure they were tip-top quality for hardback. Some backgrounds were also changed due to complaints they were too bright.

There were also some text improvements, and a new quote added to Road Rash from Don Veca which is great.

The biggest change was a new two page spread "poster" of Saboteur 2, hand-painted by Clive Townsend, so the book increased in length by two pages!

This is v3 of the book and can be downloaded right now.

When the hardback book is sent out, it will be accompanied by all the goodies for 8-Bit Symphony Pro 2 as well. It's the only sane way of doing it given how much postage costs now.

8-Bit Symphony Pro 2

So, all of the physical stuff for 8BSP2 will be sent out around the same time as the Hubbard book. 

We have been very busy with the digital stuff though. Recently we added to the backer space:

  • The 8-Bit Symphony Pro 2 booklet with all the new illustrations
  • Prague 2022 and Just the Games 2022 videos for Blu-ray backers, and a Blu-ray ISO. These are great, and each one includes a stereo soundtrack, a surround one, and (in the case of Prague 2022) a director's commentary! There are unlisted YouTube video links available for other backers that I will reveal. Prague 2022 is amazing.
  • Just the Chips 2022 double CD for backers who ordered that (it includes some custom chipmusic medleys such as Wizardry and Defender of the Crown that mirror the structure of the 8-Bit Symphony Pro 2 tracks)

However, it looks like we will be rebranding 8-Bit Symphony 2, so that cover will be changed.

8-Bit Symphony Pro 1

Uh? What's to change? It's finished isn't it?

Well, yes. And no. Lots of people ordered 8-Bit Symphony Pro 1 along with 8-Bit Symphony Pro 2. And we were going to have to press another load of 8-Bit Symphony Pro 1 Blu-rays.

What became clear was that the quality of the 8-Bit Symphony Pro 2 blu-ray was substantially better than the first one: mostly because we moved it to two discs so both Prague 2022 and Just the Games 2022 had a chance to shine, and benefit from both surround sound and stereo. 

So, we dreamed into existence: 8-Bit Symphony Pro: First Half, 2-disc special edition. This time, both the live footage and the game footage have 24-bit stereo and surround, and the live footage has a director's commentary too.

Everyone who backed 8-Bit Symphony Pro 1 blu-ray in the 8-Bit Symphony Pro 2 Kickstarter will get the two-disc special edition. In addition, all 8-Bit Symphony Pro 1 backers can download the ISOs and new videos for the two new discs. 

8-Bit Symphony 2 backers who had previously bought the first blu-ray will be given a chance to get a new physical blu-ray at cost price. 

We basically recreated the blu-ray from first principles.

There was another upgrade too: Steph, my daughter, was very keen on upgrading her original illustrations for the CD booklet and Blu-ray packaging to reflect four years of illustration experience. 

This means that the original 8-Bit Symphony Pro 1 CD will get a new booklet with new illustrations and a new cover that fits in with the new "branding" we're doing. 

Where an 8-Bit Symphony 2 backer had already backed 8-Bit Symphony 1, we'll put a new CD booklet for that CD in the package: at least, that's the plan - I might have to find a sponsor to be able to give that away, I'm already taking a kicking on these Kickstarters. Still, that's a problem for July I guess.

So that's a heck of a lot of stuff, really, no?


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