8-Bit Symphony Pro: How to do add-ons in Kickstarter

Posted by Chris Abbott on

The new "Add-ons" menu in Kickstarter is great, but how do you get there once you've pledged, to change stuff and add stuff on?


Step 1 - top of the page, there's a pledge management link.


Step 2 - You can see your pledge.  Click on "change your pledge" at the bottom.

Step 3 - without changing anything, click on the green pledge button (this is the bit that might confuse people).


Step 4 - Now you see the add-ons menu. This will be different depending on whether you're on an all-digital pledge, or a physical one that requires shipping. Click "Add" to select any you want.

Step 5: Select quantity of add-on, and click on the green button right at the bottom of the page next to "Total Amount"


Step 6: Confirm your add-ons and commit the pledge.


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