8-Bit Symphony: The Mighty Norman

Posted by Chris Abbott on

We're honoured that the mighty Paul Norman not only allowed us to do his stuff for orchestra, but came all the way from the US to see the concert in Hull and meet the fans. A true legend!

What's not that well known is that he also gets around in his helicopter, rescuing characters from his games:

Spot the Slinky

(illustration by Steph Abbott from the forthcoming 8-Bit Symphony: Second Half CD booklet - support the Kickstarter!)

Here's Paul critiquing your helicopter flying:

Full soundtrack:



So, let's look at Paul's work in 8-Bit Symphony: First Half.

First of course: Forbidden Forest - the Granddaddy of survival horror games.

We have two videos to go with the amazing audio from 8-Bit Symphony Pro: First Half - one with games, and one with people.

These videos are both from the Blu-ray currently available as an add-on with the 8-Bit Symphony Pro: Second Half KickstarterDon't forget to 1080p if you can!


Aztec Agony

.... and of course, we also did Aztec Challenge: which Paul Norman turned from an OK 2D game into a nailbiting 3D one. Again, we have a game video and a performance video! Don't forget to 1080p if you can!


I'd write more, but with Paul, the music does the talking!

However, if you liked all this, you really need to catch up on 8-Bit Symphony - and the best way to do that is (until December 6th) to support the 8-Bit Symphony: Second Half Kickstarter - it uses Kickstarter add-ons so you can get:

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