8-Bit Symphony Ultimate Megabook - the complete C64 orchestral score book (Pre-order)


(pre-order) Hand-created in Bishopsgate, London from the finest leather, this weighty historical megabook contains all of the Symphony 64 conductor's scores, and is encased lovingly in the kind of solander box they use for sacred books.

With a certificate signed by as many composers as we can get to sign it.

Each one hand-crafted like in the olden days.

Comes with guaranteed entry to any 8-Bit Symphony orchestral concerts (where we control the box office) and an invitation to the workshop to see the book at some point in its creation (travel and accommodation not included, but includes lunch with Chris Abbott. Don't let that put you off!).

There will only ever be 5 copies in existence, maximum. Two have gone. Don't miss out!

Lovely renders by Thomas Koch.

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