The Blithe, the Blend and the Bizarre


(Digital album)

Reyn Ouwehand once again sets new standards in C64 live performance. This album concentrates on those small or overlooked tunes that once filled our hearts with joy, and produces the definitive versions of them. Once you've heard his rendition: your brain will always think of the tunes that way.

Performed live by Reyn and previewed extensively on Boz's Bit o' Bollocks Slay Radio show, this album is further enhanced by Gilliam-esque artwork from the multi-talented Reyn and that Wizball and Sanxion-meister himself, Mark Hennessy-Barrett.

This album will leave you with a big soppy grin on your face. Guaranteed!*

* Not a guarantee, but it's very likely.


  1. Zeppelin (Cathryn Mataga)
  2. Great Giana Sisters (Chris Huelsbeck)
  3. Ghosts and Goblins (Mark Cooksey)
  4. French Frittes (Johannes Bjerregaard)
  5. Mutants (Fred Gray)
  6. Ghouls and Ghosts (Tim Follin)
  7. Samurai Trilogy (Alan Reining)
  8. Stifflip & Co (Richard Joseph)
  9. Hunchback II (Martin Galway)
  10. Fruitbank (Johannes Bjerregaard)
  11. Wizball (Martin Galway)
  12. Magic Johnson's Basketball (Tim Follin)
  13. Boulderdash (Peter Liepa)
  14. Superstar Ping-pong (John A. Fitzpatrick)
  15. Skier (Jeff Hanson)
  16. Comic Bakery (Martin Galway)
  17. Frogger (Mutato Musika)
  18. Roland's Rat Race (Martin Galway)
  19. Super Pipeline (Paul Hodgson/Debussy)
  20. Garfield (Neil "Demon" Baldwin)

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