The Best of Back in Time Live 2003-2004 (Audio album)


(digital album - this album was the third disk in the Back in Time Live DVD)

A collection of the best tracks from the St. Luke's and Brighton Centre performances at Back in Time Live.

Track listing:

  1. Warhawk - performed by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE
  2. Arkanoid - performed by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE
  3. Pumpkin Man - performed by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE
  4. Wizball High Score - performed by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE
  5. Monty on the Run - performed by PRESS PLAY ON TAPE
  6. Forbidden Forest - performed by C64 Mafia
  7. Human Race - performed by Visa Roster
  8. Comic Bakery - performed by Visa Roster
  9. International Karate - performed by Visa Roster
  10. Armageddon Man - performed by Visa Roster
  11. Paperboy and Arcade Classics - performed by SID80s
  12. Spellbound - performed by SID80s
  13. Rasputin - performed by SID80s
  14. Virgin Atlantic Challenge - performed by Rob Hubbard
  15. Human Race - Tune 4/Goldrunner - performed by Rob Hubbard


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