Symphony 64 - FREE Sampler


Get a flavour of what we're doing our Work-in-progress free! (note: this is not the final sounds or the final arrangements).

Imagine John Williams conducting orchestrations of Commodore 64 music! We can't promise that exactly, but Symphony 64 is a six-disk epic project that aims to make Commodore 64 music the biggest and most emotional it can be.

Three albums of orchestral symphonic remakes, including a whole album devoted to Rob Hubbard.

Disk 1: Throne of Sids - a Fantasy-themed album with epics such as Spellbound, Dragon's Lair II, Master of Magic, Firelord and more.

Disk 2: Escape from Sids Castle - Rob Hubbard epics such as Commando, Monty on the Run, Zoids and more.

Disk 3: Sidventure - a wide ranging assortment of great orchestral tracks by legends such as Fred Gray, Paul Norman and Jeroen Tel.

And there are also three additional disks:

Disk 4: Cinematic 64 - hard edged cinematic hybrid symphonic tracks such as Knucklebusters that would fit perfectly into any dark superhero movie.

Disk 5: Big Band Bacon - a 10 track albm of bouncy big-band themed covers such as "The Wastelands", "Bubble Bobble" and "Comic Bakery" by Rune-Bertils/Uncle and the Bacon. It's the party disk!

Disk 6: Progressive 64 - combine fine metal arrangements with symphonic undertones and you have this great disk from the creators of Ninja Musicology, the FastLoaders. Tracks such as Skate or Die, Arcade Classics and Knight Games are perfect for this treatment. Features three tracks from "Ninja Musicology" enhanced by symphonics.

All this in a sophisticated slip-case. Get a flavour if it now!


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