Rob Hubbard - the Official Reference Book (pre-order)


PDF: £23.00, Hardback: £39.00 + postage.

(~300 pages, Hardback, Full Colour, Cover mock-up is not representative of the final cover)

This is a pre-order of an item within the Project Hubbard Kickstarter, which is now funded. The book in in pre-order status. Please check the Project Hubbard Facebook page or the Kickstarter updates for Project Hubbard for progress reports.

There's a lot more detail in our blog post here.

Rob is serious about music. He treated video game music seriously too: one of the first musicians to do so. This is part of the reason why fans worldwide responded to his tunes so powerfully.

Because Rob put so much into his music, it's only fair that we examine Rob's career and output with the same depth. 

Our expert in this field is Dr. Kenny McAlpine who is one of the foremost writers in musical analysis of video game music, and an expert in chiptunes. He has also authored a book which interviews video game musicians including Rob, shortly to be published by New York: Oxford University Press called "Bits and Pieces: A History of Chiptunes". 

Here is a TED talk from him on chipmusic.

Kenny is a big fan of the genre, having spent his formative years experiencing raw waveforms.

So, expect to find biography, interviews, in-depth analysis, technical overviews and appendices targeted at all experience levels, lots of new facts and knowledge and plenty of "wow" moments, illustrated with full colour pictures, illustrations and photos.

There will also be an e-reader friendly version too which reformats the book for smaller e-Reader screens.

The book will be written by Dr. Kenny McAlpine, Dr. Rob Hubbard and Paul E. Morrison, with Jason Page, Anna Black, Andrew Fisher and Frank Gasking. Design: Consultant Editor: Roger Kean. Supervising Editor: Chris Abbott. A book.

The book will be 200mm x 265mm, which is roughly the size of Edge Magazine.

We think this book will mark a new era, giving VGM artists and their art the treatment they deserve. It's fitting that Rob, ever the pioneer, should be its first subject!


The book will also integrate an extra small section called "Robb!64"

This would be a more light-hearted and humorous tribute modelled after "Zzap!64", and would review Rob's music the way they did the games.

It will also have irreverent quotes, facts, tables and charts about Rob created in classic Zzap!64 style.

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