Remix 64 - Into Eternity


* Digital Download only*

The original "Remix64" title referred more to the community embracing the remixers than the content of the album.

And so it was that Remix64 - Into Eternity turned into a symphonic epic not a million miles away from the popular Merregnon series of CDs: there certainly is a teutonic air to much of the album.

Highlights of the album include Markus Holler's spine-tingling reworking of "Fist 2" with flute and ethereal vocals, and Thomas Detert's "Spellbound" which gives life to Rob Hubbard's own dark vision for the piece.

Belying the computery artwork of the cover, this album is a powerful piece of fantasy soundtrack more than it is a remix album. Enjoy it at that level, and be blown away.

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