Project Sidologie - FREE sampler


C64 music as Jarre and Vangelis: what's not to like?

Order this to get a free sampler of downloads (around 35 minutes of music!) so that you can get a flavour of what Marcel Donné is accomplishing with Project Sidologie. Also, you can experience the two released albums below.

In this "purchase", you get previews and samples AND the whole of the original "Sidologie" album in MP3, though you do not get the montages in the YouTube videos below.

If you like it, please pre-order the box-set.

(Expected box-set release: March 2019 - current pre-order includes digital copies of Disk 1, Disk 2, Disk 3, Disk 4,. Disk 5, Disk 6 and Disk 7, and Surround sound mixes of Disks 1-5 delivered when you order).

Project Sidologie is what happens when Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis meet C64 music. It's performed by veteran musician Marcel Donné and mastered by famed game composer Allister Brimble.

The box-set is an 8 disk monster (7 Audio albums, one audio DVD) in a slipcase with gorgeous lovingly designed Giger inspired artwork by artist Trevor Storey.

Each album is lovingly created and stitched together with themed links to make a wonderful ambient experience you'll listen to again and again.

The digital download gives access to all 7 audio albums in FLAC/MP3, and access is included with a box-set purchase.

Disk 1 (now released!): Sidologie 12-26, includes Robocop, Mutants, Gem-X and more.

Disk 2 (now released!): Martnetic Fields, a tribute to Martin Galway including Miami Vice, Green Beret Loader, Game Over, Wizball and more! Also includes remixes of Jean-Michel Jarre's "Magnetic Fields IV" and "The Last Rhumba".

Disk 3 (now released): Robdez Vous, a tribute to Rob Hubbard. Includes Crazy Comets, Light force, Bangkok Knights, Monty on the Run High Score, Jet Set Willy (Atari 8-bit) and more.

Disk 4 (now released): Waiting for SID, an album of extended tracks both dark and light. Features epics such as Driller and the whole 25 minutes of Tetris.

Disk 5 (now released): Remixes. Some of the brightest remix talents produce SIDdy versions of Jarre and Jarre-y versions of SIDs. An amazing collection.

Disk 6 (now released): Chariots of SID. A change of pace with a disk of Vangelis-inspired covers such as Panther, Ocean Loader, Blade Runner, Nemesis the Warlock and more.

Disk 7 (now released): Encore. Marcel goes Progressive!

Disk 8 (released as AC3 so far): Surroundings. Surround-sound mixes of disks 1-5. Mixes delivered as AC3 and MKV files for digital downloaders, as well as multi-channel 24/96 FLAC for Sidological owners.

Here's a video we put together to highlight some of the many tracks. It's fun AND informative!


"The idea of this album series intrigued me and I have to say its really very good. Some of the track choices are unusual (no bad thing) but this really is a fine blend of Jarre-ish sonics and C64 tunes. Good stuff indeed!"

 "Really great work! Always a pleasure receiving those updates. I love how the album progresses and the soundstage opens up. Favourite Tracks so far: Wizball and Game Over. Outstandingly produced, you beautiful people!"

"You've out done yourself Marcel. Loving this disc, not easy to choose a favourite so soon but Rambo, Parallax and Wizball have blown me away so far."

"Great second album, when I listen to Micropose Rhumba I feel like I'm on Red Dwarf with the skutters "

" I like almost all the tracks a lot (many all time favourites for me, I adore Galway), sound is richer and fill your ears and mind"

"Just wanted to say I've been listening to this album quite a lot over the last few weeks, and I love it. Thanks for doing this project and I'm looking forward to the next releases."

"Mutants, always loved that Fred Gray track and love a lot your new version!"

"Shadow Skimmer made me think more of Chronologie Part 3 live than Revolutions. The Implosion had a short bit that made me think of a piece of linking music Jarre did during the La Defense concert (the bit with the laser projected snake) if you're looking for an era."

"Awesome flow! Robocop is my favourite so far, so Zoolook-ish it's almost uncanny, like it could be a bonus track on the album."


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