Project Sidologie - the Collection (Pre-order)


(Expected box-set release: December 2016)

Project Sidologie is what happens when Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis meet C64 music. It's performed by veteran musician Marcel Donné and mastered by famed game composer Allister Brimble.

It is currently on pre-order, and delivering a digital album at a time.

Box-set is an 8 disk monster (7 Audio CDs, one audio DVD) in a slipcase with gorgeous lovingly designed Giger inspired artwork.

Each album is lovingly created and stitched together with themed links to make a wonderful ambient experience you'll listen to again and again.

The digital download gets all 7 audio albums in FLAC/MP3, and access is included with a box-set purchase.

Disk 1 (now released): Sidologie 12-26, includes Robocop, Mutants, Gem-X and more.

Disk 2 (coming soon): Martnetic Fields, a tribute to Martin Galway including Miami Vice, Yie-Ar Kung Fu/Magnetic Fields IV, Terra Cresta, Wizball and more.

Disk 3 (coming later): Robdez Vous, a tribute to Rob Hubbard. Includes Crazy Comets, Light force, Bangkok Knights, Monty on the Run High Score, Jet Set Willy (Atari 8-bit) and more.

Disk 4 (coming later): Waiting for SID, an album of extended tracks both dark and light. Features epics such as Driller and the whole 25 minutes of Tetris.

Disk 5 (coming later): Chariots of SID. A change of pace with a disk of Vangelis-inspired covers such as Panther, Ocean Loader, Blade Runner, Nemesis the Warlock and more.

Disk 6 (coming later): Remixes. Some of the brightest remix talents produce SIDdy versions of Jarre and Jarre-y versions of SIDs. An amazing collection.

Disk 7 (coming later): Essentials. Favourites from disks 1-6 linked together by more original linking tracks, with some new tracks thrown in for good measure.

Disk 8 (in box set): Surroundings. Surround-sound mixes on a DVD-A of disks 1-7 (disk 6 may not be in surround). Mixes delivered as AC3 files for digital downloaders.

Here's a video we put together to highlight some of the many tracks. It's fun AND informative!




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