Project Hubbard: Deluxe (Pre-order)


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Digital: £37.00, CDs: £57.00 + postage

Project Hubbard - Deluxe is a set of many albums in a box-set, plus all of Rob Hubbard's subtunes and FX in 24/96 FLAC, a free copy of "RobTracker", video, audio, some source code, PRGs, SIDs and more.

This product includes all of the albums in "Project Hubbard - Standard", so it unnecessary to buy both.

CD box-set due for dispatch Aug/Sep 2020, digital download available now.

What you get:

Rob Returns

(available for download immediately)

We actually got Rob Hubbard back to programming SID! This was a major achievement only made possible because of the enthusiastic reaction to the Kickstarter. 15 year-old you is squealing right now!

Here's what you will enjoy:

  1. Lakers vs Celtics - an unused tune for the game of the same now in SID. Triumphant!
  2. Pygmies Revenge - a tune that sits happily in the Zoids/Spellbound mould
  3. Casio (7 Inch Mix) - Synth Sample III tune #1 as it was originally conceived
  4. Mr Meaner - a blues-y romp
  5. Radio Ace - the legendary magazine cover tape tune, only ever partially heard (this will also be in the project in its original form in full)
  6. Go Go Dash - composed for Hull College's free mobile game of the same name, available at all good app stores. Shades of Shockway Rider, Speedball and even a little hint of Commando.
  7. Off the Cuff - an uplifting high score tune with an insanely hummable melody
  8. Lionheart - bouncy and funky. 
  9. After 8 - Chilled and relaxing, but also musically sophisticated. Rob's musical playfulness is on full display here.
  10. Don't Step On My Wire - a funky synth tune composed by Rob in the 1980s, and the first tune put together by Jason and Rob for the Kickstarter. As used in the "Rob's Life" game.
  11. Pacific - a SID rendition of "Pacific Coast Highway" from "Road Rash 2", one of Rob's favourite of his Megadrive tunes.
  12. Sun Never Shines - another Rob 1980s synth piece that perhaps becomes even more emotional in SID form.
  13. Rikky - a SID rendition of a soaring piece written for a Kickstarter than never delivered
  14. Task Force - a tune could easily be a lost Dragon's Lair II theme, and which was one of the stand-out tunes in Rob's "Work Opera", recorded with Steve Daggett in the 80s. Backers of Project Hubbard will also be able to hear this amazing recording in full (imagine Rob H. running round the studio tweaking knobs and flicking switches in real-time).
  15. Casio 12" mix, with rocking solo.
  16. The Rock Tells the Tale - the musical tale of an ancient rock, and the tales it could tell of history if it could speak. A SID to listen to over and over and still find something new, and the first SID Rob programmed for the project in his text editor.


"Hubbard '80" - "Premix" Album

(available for download immediately)


In an alternate reality sometime in 1978, an up-and-coming synth wizard called Rob Hubbard went to the NAMM in Chicago. There, he met a studio engineer called Marcel Donné.

Deciding to work together, they produced an electronic album using a menagerie of the most up-to-date synths such as the Korg KR-55, Korg MS-20, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, ARP-2600, Korg PS-3200, ARP Odyssey and the Korg PE-1000 and many others, all of which are now vintage.

This album was called "Hubbard '80" and was released in... well, 1980.

As an experimental album it was well reviewed but passed most people by.

But, Rob went on to be a pioneering video game musician on the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, PC, 3DO and many others, and found his previous work a great resource for coping with the massive workload he took on.

As part of our much bigger "Project Hubbard", we present that album in its 40th anniversary remastered edition, with the tracks renamed to reflect the games they later appeared in.

CD cover was created by Thomas Finnerup. The music is "Bump Set Spike" from the album.

Track listing:

  1. The Last V8
  2. Human Race #1
  3. Braking Hard (Indy 500)
  4. 688 Attack Sub
  5. Bump Set Spike
  6. Hydrofool
  7. Final Synth Sample
  8. Lightforce
  9. Ricochet
  10. Chimera
  11. Knucklebusters Intro
  12. Knight Tyme
  13. W.A.R.
  14. Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge
  15. Thrust
  16. Gerry The Germ
  17. Thalamusic/Sanxion
  18. Crazy Comets


The Rob Hubbard Archive

(Disk 1 available for download, Disk 2 pending)

A double audio album of a wide range of archive material, including lost tracks, soundtracks and rarities. Guaranteed that you haven't heard most of these Rob Hubbard tracks! 

Deluxe Edition has an exhaustive Rob Hubbard digital bonus archive covering his whole career, including OSTs from various platforms. It's an amazing resource.

Rob and the Bacon

(available for download immediately)

Uncle and the Bacon strike again with the following tracks in their signature Big Band style:

  1. Crazy Comets
  2. Sanxion Title (Romeo and Juliet)
  3. Train Robbers (Final Synth Sample 2)
  4. Star Paws
  5. Delta Title
  6. International Karate
  7. Auf Wiedersehen Monty
  8. Monty on the Run
  9. Monty on the Run High Score
  10. Knucklebusters

Rock Hubbard

(available for download immediately)

11 track album of rocking Hubbard remixes:

  1. Skate or Die
  2. International Karate
  3. Dragon's Zoids
  4. One Man and his Droid
  5. Lightforce
  6. Warhawk
  7. Ace II
  8. Saboteur II
  9. Delta
  10. Commando
  11. Arcade Classics

Here's a sample medley.


Escape from New Rob

(available for download immediately)

Mark Knight's scintillating journey through a John Carpenter-style dystopic soundscape using Rob Hubbard's C64 soundtracks as a base. 43 minutes of extended Carpenter-y goodness:

  1. Nemesis the Warlock
  2. Delta In-Game
  3. Kentilla
  4. Knucklebusters


Robdez-Vous - Special Edition

(available for download immediately)

An extended version of this amazing "Rob Hubbard music as Jarre" CD with all new ambient material from Marcel expertly linking them.


Hubbard Remixed

(available for download immediately)

An album which will feature the following artists/tracks when the combined Kickstarter total/ total reaches a certain amount and triggers a "stretch goal". We have achieved six tracks so far:

  1. Barry Leitch - Spellbound
  2. Johan Andersson - Dragon's Lair II River Caves
  3. Jason Page - Crazy Thrust
  4. daXX - Delta
  5. Mordi - Nemesis the Warlock
  6. Instant Remedy - The Last V8
  7. Sidman - Skate or Rob
  8. Matt Gray - Sanxion (from Reformation 1)
  9. Matt Gray - One Man and his Droid (from Reformation 2)
  10. Matt Gray - Commando (from Reformation 2)
  11. Matt Gray - The Last V8 (new remix)
  12. Matt Gray - Thrust (new remix)
  13. Matt Gray - Zoids (new remix)

Here's a preview of "Commando".


Additional items in Project Hubbard Deluxe

  • "RobTracker", Jason Page and Rob Hubbard's  music editor for Windows (downoadable immediately)
  • D64/ZIP of the SIDs in Rob Returns (downloadable immediately)
  • SID Effects Project Hubbard: HQ dual SID recordings of all of Rob's subtunes and sound effects from Chris Whillock. (downloadable immediately)
  • HQ 24/96 or 24/88.2 audio where available
  • Exhaustive Rob Hubbard digital bonus archive covering his whole career (coming soon)


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