Progressive 64 CD by FastLoaders

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Progressive 64 is from the amazing "FastLoaders". Top Commodore 64 game tunes done in a rock style, with the occasional symphonic flourish. Intricate, intelligent and powerful, as well as faithful and full of detail. CD is in proper jewel case (picture shows the slim version that comes in "Back in Time Symphonic Collection").

Video medley has a different track order to the CD. Just so you know. Oh, the beautiful cover was designed by Kenneth "Slaygon" Mutka.

This is a complete album, with four bonus tracks where we add orchestral flourishes to most of these tracks and include them as tracks 11 onwards.

Tracklisting is:

  1. Ocean Loader 2 (Martin Galway)
  2. Commando (Rob Hubbard)
  3. Future Knight (Ben Daglish)
  4. Ghouls and Ghosts (Tim Follin)
  5. Monty on the Run (Rob Hubbard)
  6. Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish)
  7. Barbarian (Richard Joseph)
  8. Storm Warrior Suite (Mark Cooksey)
  9. Green Beret (Martin Galway)
  10. Forbidden Forest and Beyond
    and bonus tracks being added soon with extra orchestral power...
  11. Forbidden Forest and Beyond (expanded Orchestra mix)
  12. Saboteur 2 (expanded Orchestra mix)
  13. Barbarian (expanded Orchestra mix)
  14. Last Ninja Wastelands (expanded Orchestral mix with Ben Daglish)

FastLoaders' next project was "Rock Hubbard" and has also been released

Cover artwork by Kenneth "Slaygon" Mutka.

Arranged, performed, produced and mastered by Jarle H. Olsen.
Executive Producers: Chris van Graas, Paul Cook, Russell F. Howard, Antony Harris and Marcel Schoen.