Platypus (Claymation) OST


Note: iPhone version of this game had a different soundtrack completely. This soundtrack was in the PSP and PC versions, and is in the current Steam version.

Perfect quality FLAC, MP3 and OGG verions of this iconic soundtrack: you can even UPGRADE YOUR PLATYPUS SOUND!

Originally released by Idigicon and written by Anthony Flack, this Claymation shooter was regarded as a genuine classic shoot 'em up, and is a part of many childhoods.

The OST was provided by us as a fun way to get more people to listen to Commodore 64 soundtracks.

Unfortunately most people heard only the short, low quality versions of the tracks due to memory and engine restrictions, so here is the complete soundtrack selection which covers both PC and PSP versions of the game (which had slightly different soundtracks).


  1. Title Theme (3:31)
  2. Options Theme (6:24)
  3. Level Select (02:07)
  4. Level 1 (06:06)
  5. Level 2 (05:23)
  6. Level 3 PC (03:45)
  7. Level 3 PSP (03:48)
  8. Level 4 (08:34)
  9. Baddie Tune 1 (05:40)
  10. Baddie Tune 2 PC (02:23)
  11. Baddie Tune 2 PSP (03:57)
  12. High Score Tune (02:08)

 This video below has the lower quality version of the soundtrack shipped with the game. We're working on one which highlights the sound difference a bit better.

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