Galway Remixed


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An amazing Remix album dedicated to Martin Galway by one of the top musicians in C64 remixing, fellow C64 composer Reyn Ouwehand.

Here's a sampler video (not the whole album).

The ideal partner to Project Galway to celebrate the genius of Mr Galway himself, this CD is a slice of accomplished, hard-edged synth with a contemporary edge not blunted since its release.

Highlights include a great dancey "Wizball" reminiscent of Wizball 2000 but with its own flavour (and a reverse attack that sends shivers down the spine), a Miami Vice that you can lose your consciousness in, and a full length Parallax that really conveys the thrill of the melodic ending of the piece.

  1. Parallax [title]
  2. Comic Bakery [title]
  3. Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2 [title]
  4. Athena [title]
  5. Arkanoid [title]
  6. Insects in Space [title]
  7. Parallax [ingame]
  8. Miami Vice [ingame]
  9. Rambo [high score]
  10. Wizball [title]
  11. Wizball [ingame]

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