Code of the Ninja Double Album (signed by Ben Daglish and Matt Gray)


FastLoaders headline a unique double compilation album "Code of the Ninja" with contributions from some amazing full-length martial-arts tracks, and artists such as  FastLoaders, SIDRIP Alliance, Sidman64, Slaygon, Instant Remedy, PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, Reyn Ouwehand, Tonka, Marcel Donné, Chris Abbott, Visa Roster and more.

Most (but not all!) tracks have previously been available on other CDs or Where they were on, we have gone back to get lossless sources.

Here's a hurriedly edited sample medley. The album has the full tracks from this medley, and many more. 

This double album was created to help out Back in Time Brighton 2015 and the 8-Bit Symphony initiative,

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