Back in Time - the original *now with 11 BIT+ enhanced tracks*


* Digital Download only - MP3/FLAC + Extras such as a beta pack *

Here's a 30 minute sample (the download contains over 90 minutes of material).

Back in 1996, a quest began to produce a definitive remix CD of C64 music.

There had been nothing like it before (save Datahits, but that didn't really count).

It had to involve the original composers in some way, and it had to go through the professional pressing.

It was a huge risk, but the end result sold over 2500 copies.

Out of print forever, now you can download the album through the miracle of this thing we call "The Internets".

This version contains the existing remastered tracks from "Back in Time +" - the never released version of Back in Time created with new synths in 1999/2000, which remastered everything except Chris Huelsbeck's tunes and Wizball, though some of these tracks were bonus tracks for Back in Time customers on the old website (as "Parallax 1999", "Rambo 1999", etc).

Track listing

  1. Delta 97
  2. Rambo First Blood Part 2
  3. Sanxion
  4. Thing on a Spring
  5. Parallax
  6. Auf Wiedersehen Monty
  7. Mutants
  8. Great Giana Sisters
  9. Monty 97
  10. Arkanoid
  11. Ocean Loading Theme
  12. Wizball
  13. To Be On Top
  14. Crazy Comets 97
  15. Delta Victory
  16. Comets 97 Plus
  17. Delta 97 Plus
  18. Delta Victory Plus
  19. Arkanoid Plus
  20. Auf Wiedersehen Monty
  21. Mutants Plus
  22. Ocean Loader 3 Plus
  23. Rambo Loader Plus
  24. Thing on a Spring Plus
  25. Monty 97 Plus
  26. Sanxion Plus

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