Back in Time 3 - a Space Odyssey


* Digital Download only*

Includes extensive "Beta Pack" in MP3 with lots of WIPs and different track versions so you can have the progress of the album. Here's a nice 30 minute sample.

A five-star journey in space and time inspired by the music of the C64. Unique two part booklet gives information about the tracks, and presents a story outline synchronised with the CD to enhance listening pleasure.

Highlights include the epic symphonic "Trap", featuring performances from both Ben Daglish and Mark "madfiddler" Knight, the hell-for-leather technological sound of "One Man and his Droid", and three extraordinary versions of "Zoids".

The package is topped off by the amazing artwork of Mat Recardo, Arvid Weber and Steve Barrett.

Decades later, the influence of this CD led to two projects: Project Sidologie (capturing the Jarre side of C64 music) and Symphony 64 (capturing the symphonic side).

Here's what Neil Carr of Remix 64 said about it

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